A full range of connectivity apps to connect documents and images to your PACS or EMR.

Altamont Passport

Altamont Passport provides a suite of leading edge, workflow tools to solve any image management problem.


An enterprise level, zero-footprint media creation solution.

Connectivity Platform

A Powerful Platform for all Altamont Software Applications.



Easily scan related clinical paperwork from any TWAIN compliant scanner and send directly into any imaging study. Automatically lookup Patient/Study information from Modality Worklist using Barcodes or OCR. Zero footprint technology assures that patient PHI is never written to local disk.

CD Import

Simple, robust app to import outside DICOM CDs and Studies. Easily update patient demographics or reconcile against local worklist, PACS or Archive. Handles non-compliant DICOM studies as well.

Photo Upload

Upload photos, PDFs and other clinical files from any department in the hospital directly to your EHR or PACS. Tools are available to crop, edit and rotate images before importing.

Print to DICOM

CaptureWare's print driver allows you to virtually print any document to DICOM, associate with patient context and send directly to your EHR or PACS.


Altamont Software’s Outbox provides an enterprise level, zero-footprint DICOM CD and media creation solution. Leveraging Altamont’s Connectivity Platform, users benefit from centralized management and configuration and the elimination of client software upgrades. Analytic tools are available to view burner utilization, referral patterns and user engagement.


Altamont Passport provides a suite of leading edge, workflow tools to solve any image management problems. With routing, pre-fetch, modality worklist and DICOM SR integration, Passport will get you through any roadblock facing your Enterprise Imaging department.


Altamont Image Inbox provides a powerful tool to manage outside exams and automatically update patient and study demographics. By providing a single, simple zero footprint user interface for all outside studies, users no longer require training for multiple cloud vendor solutions. In addition, rules based purging eliminates studies which serve no purpose before they go to PACS or VNA.


Leveraging image availability triggers from a variety of standardized protocols, MPPS Enterprise manufactures a study completion message for every modality in your institution. No need for room by room DICOM configuration or troubleshooting. Release the power of Epic-Radiant Analytics or automate study completion with MPPS Enterprise.


August 2, 2018

Altamont Software deploys next generation image gateway between PACS and EHR.

Altamont Software, Inc., this week rolled out their EHR Bridge integration solution allowing DICOM compliant systems to send images directly into Cerner’s CareAware MultiMedia (CAMM) EHR platform. By converting from DICOM directly into CAMM we enable physicians to attach key images to reports, and to provide reference views within the EHR environment without having to launch a diagnostic imaging application.

Altamont announced plans to enhance EHR Bridge to support additional EHR solutions to solve integration problems that healthcare institutions deal with every day.

About Altamont Software

Altamont Software develops next generation medical image connectivity software for the PACS and EHR marketplace. Altamont’s leading-edge applications are designed with intrinsic enterprise software capabilities. These critical features comprise Altamont’s connectivity platform which serves as the cornerstone for our full line of medical imaging products..

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